Wednesday, 30 September 2009

World Famous Design Junkies

This is an amazing website updated regularly with what is happening in the world of design. It has all the latest new and totally bizarre works from all over the world. Most of the posts are written by Chris Burns who seems to have a real flair and passion for discovering and researching the most outrageous and up to date design manifestations and he comments himself on what he thinks of the work and asks others to comment too. Most recently he has written about 'The Big Golden Farting Bull' and some stickers he found which he entitled 'Stickery Peeltastic' he has also shared his views on the Rubix cube and created a post called the 'One Single Cubular'. It is almost a design blog similar to our own and it has been inspiring for me to read and see just how many different sources he uses to find work that inspires him and that he is interested in. Take a look at this website if you are ever in need of some new design works to inspire you thoughts; 

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