Sunday, 27 September 2009

The Tournament

As a part of the London Design Festival a Giant Chess board was put up in Trafalgar Square from the 19th to the 27th of September. It was the work of the Spanish designer Jamie Hayon called “The Tournament” and the idea behind the piece was to recreate (in a different light) a representation of the battle of Trafalgar. Whilst the piece was up the public were encouraged to pause in the square and play one another; I found the way that this was interactive particularly interesting as I thought about the Outdoor advertising project we did last year and how an interactive advertising stunt in a location such as this one could be very successful. The actual technical design of the chessboard pieces were also exquisite and each piece was up to 2m tall which made it quite a substantial feature of design in such a central London location. I found this design work very exciting, as this designer is apparently very famous for his eccentric work; however, I think this was his way of making himself known in the UK and he was definitely successful in causing a stir in London which is an inspiration to me as this is what we aim to do through design work, particularly advertising which is what interests me the most.

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