Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Iain Crawford

I have always been very interested in fashion photography, yet this work takes instant photography and fashion to an entirely new level. It is all about temporal fashion that goes out of style in an instant as there are no actual clothes involved; instead the models are wearing the paint and therefore they can only be seen to be wearing this fluid motion of colour by the pure skill of the photography. Iain Crawford is a very inspiring photographer as he always creates work that is different and exciting. His ideas are ambitious and it is only because he is so talented that he is able to pull them off so well. I love his use of colour in his work and the way that he directs his models so that nothing else is needed to create a mood or setting. I would love to try and work in this way to test my own photography skills and create work that can advertise fashion in a way that is new and original.

1 comment:

  1. Wow! These are truly amazing, I've never seen work like this before, you could imagine doing something like this would look tacky but Iain Crawford has executed it so well that the images are enticing and captivating.