Friday, 18 September 2009


I have recently been in the process of organising work experience with the design company called Tomato. A friend who works in film producing suggested this company to me as an ideal place for me to work because at the moment I am still unsure of which field of design I want to eventually work in and Tomato is a company that specialises in a variety of design sectors. Their website is particularly inspirational as it shows a variety of work that they have done over the last few years. Tomato have worked on a number of very exciting design pieces including the Logo designs for Japan's largest T.V network 'T.V Asahi', where they designed a digital logo that is very dynamic and never presented the same way twice. This digital logo display was successful in increasing awareness of the network by 300%.
Tomato have also done interior design for the Aspesi, where the
flagship store in Milan was voted the world's best store 2007 by wallpaper magazine.

Another major project that they did was the typography for the latest James Bond film Quantum of Solace; the typography was all handcrafted by tomato's graphic designers.

Adidas also used Tomato for the advertising of the 35th anniversary of their superstar trainer; here the shoe is seen in daylight and its alter ego is show, the photography is incredible.

Other advertising projects they have undertaken is for Absolut Vodka, where they created a light installation at Heathrow airport so that people on the aircraft would see the advert once in the air; they have also worked with Mac Cosmetics and Radio Scotland.
I would highly recommend having a look at their website as their work is world famous and incredibly inspirational for anyone in the design field due to the variety of different types of projects they have undergone.

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