Monday, 28 September 2009

Be Frassy

A friend of mine from Durham University recently mentioned to me when I was discussing my blog that somebody he knew from university had recently created a very sucessful fashion blog titled BeFrassy. Her blog has been so sucessful that she has been able to gain access to numerous fashion shows and has been able to meet many of her idols who are well respected in the fashion world. Frassy sees herself as a stylist and her blog is about what she thinks about the latest fashion crazes and her advice on how to put items of clothing together. She also keeps you updated with where she has been, who she has met and what she has been wearing herself, as well as talkinɡ about which celebrities inspire her and askinɡ for readers imput on whether they like her ideas. ɪ found her bloɡ very inspiring as it was interesting to see how involved people can get with blogging their lives and how a blog can really take off and have such an impact on her career. She now has created an extension of her blog where you can buy vintage finds from her and where she is selling clothes that she has designed herself. Her blog made me think about how useful the internet can be and how by putting your ideas and thoughts out there for people to see you are able to recieve more feedback and expand your knowledge than you could even imagine. BeFrassy has made me want to look more into web design and blogging and think about how when creating something like this you need to be completely individual to make it stand out and be a success. I think that the way Frassy is putting her work and herself out there for the public to see is exciting and she deserves the success she is recieving. To see her bloɡ visit either or

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  1. Just check out the blog, what a great and successful way of self promotion. She has made some great opportunities for herself, you can see there's a lot of dedication that has been put into the blog.
    The positive response is well deserved.