Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Le Cool London

I found this book by Mat Osman, 2008, in the Design Museum shop and was engrossed by it for so long that i eventually ended up buying it. It is such a wierd and wonderful book that is allows you to see London through the eyes of a Londoner. It was described by The Guardian as "A guidebook for people who hate guidebooks". I think I found it so intriguing as I could relate to the content of the book. It talks of all the places that a tourist would never know about or go to but that the people who actually live in London love and spend there time. It also talks about these places in a diary format so you feel when reading it that you are getting a glimpse into the life of another Londoner. It is a beautifully designed book, that is fun and enjoyable to read as it is full with pictures and interesting typography that give the book so much character; almost like a scrap book. It is designed by award winning designers Jeremy Leslie and John Brown and edited by Mat Osman. I think this has inspired me creatively as it shows a different and unique way of doing something; turning what could be a boring and ordinary guide book to London into something much more personal and exciting by adding a personal touch.

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