Friday, 18 September 2009

'Le Grand Macabre' at the London Coliseum

I first heard of this in an article in the Evening Standard and it caught my eye immediately. This is not because I am particularly interested in opera but because the set for the production looked so magnificent that i figured it would definitely be worth a visit. The production is of the opera 'Le Grand Macabre' by Gyorgy Ligeti, performed by the English National Opera; and the set has been deigned by the design collective La Fura dels Baus (the people who created the visuals for the opening of Barcelona's Olympics). The set is based on one giant centre piece which is a huge fibre glass sculpture of the human body that fills the vast London Coliseum. In the Evening Standard the journalist talks of the sculpture, named Claudia saying that 'every part of her body is used' and with a combination of lights and sculpture the set looks to be something spectacular. It is apparently not for the faint hearted but with such an impressive set i think it would be piece of visual and musical collaboration not to be missed. I have been trying unsuccessfully so far to get tickets, but hopefully will be able to get some before it closes on the 9th October.

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  1. Oh wow these set's look amazing. it must have taken a lot of time and dedication, with all the intricate lighting it looks pretty surreal