Friday, 18 September 2009

Eric and Heather ChanSchatz

After visiting the Saatchi Gallery I was inspired to look more closely at the work of Eric and Heather ChanSchatz because I was fascinated by their work at the Gallery. It was the use of colours and shapes that attracted me to their work and the graphical nature of their pieces. The work at the Saatchi gallery was all screen printing. They had however started their work by using a variety of media - painting, sculpture, video etc and then had from this created character based drawings from which they selected the images that created the basis for their final artworks. Their final compositions were then screen printed and mirror polished to add to the refraction and stimulation of the pieces. They used rich Pantone colours and bold yet simple shapes to build up these complex and exotic designs. The reason I think that their work was of such interest to me was due to the fact that their end designs looked as though they could have been computer generated; however the reason they were so successful was because of the variety of media used prior to the final piece to create the images. I think this could be an interesting path to take in some of my own work; creating work by painting or sculpting etc and then transporting my final designs/ images from this works into a computer generated piece of graphic design work.

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