Monday, 13 July 2009

Design Museum - Super Contemporary

This exhibition was particularly inspirational as it takes you on a chronological walk through the designs that have transformed London in the last century. As you walked around the gallery you were able to see how design in London has developed since the early twentieth century in a variety of different sectors; including - Architecture, Industrial design, Graphic Design and Communication, Fashion Design. For each time period there was also a board informing you of the news and political state and it was interesting to see how different economic and political periods influenced designers; in many cases the economic state at the time was evidentially influential and reflected in the work of the designers. It was also very exciting to see how each of these different creative networks had inspired each other and this reminded

me how important it is to stay aware of design developments in all sectors of design as these could be equally as inspirational to me as the work of other graphic designers. Throughout the entire exhibition the most innovative and groundbreaking designs are seen, including the newest and most exciting designs of today and designs that could potentially change our future (eg. a walk in digitally run post office cubical). 'London's design output is continually Super Contemporary'
and as a Londoner this exhibition allowed me to appreciate how much i need to make the most of this city and pay attention to these design developments as they are having a major impact on the world around me. This exhibition is well worth a visit.