Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Isis Exhibition, by artist Simon Gudgeon at the Halcyon Gallery

Simon Gudgeon is well known for his minimalistic sculpture he was even described by the president of the Halcyon Gallery, Paul Green as one of "the most talented sculptors working in Britain today". Personally, I have never really been a huge fan of sculpture, however Gudgeon's work seemed to make me stop and think. I think it is probably due to the simplicity of his work which is designed to represent the movement and emotion of nature in smooth forms and simple lines; as it felt as though the collection of his work created an atmosphere when placed in the gallery rather than being just a display of individual pieces of sculpture. I think this also had a large amount to do with the choice of gallery as the Halcyon Gallery is a magnificent building that worked well in displaying Gudgeon's work as it was as open, free and airy as his sculpture. Gudgeon's work has also been displayed in many outdoor settings such as the Lakes in Pallington, Dorset and his signature sculpture entitled Isis is soon to be unveiled in Hyde Park in London. I enjoyed this exhibition as it was something different from what i would usually be interested in seeing; and it made me think about how important sculpture is in creating and changing a setting. I think that i will go and see his work in Hyde Park when it is unveiled to see how it impacts its surroundings.


  1. I know Simon Gudgeon and it's great to see his work getting so much appreciation. He's actually had to work his arse off over the last few decades struggling to be recognised and finally he, and his beautiful constructions are getting noticed. I was greatly surprised to see one of his works in Casino Royal (M's apartment scene, bottom right corner).

    A brilliant artist who captures the beauty and magnificence of his natural studies with a gentle intelligence.

  2. Thank you for your kind comments. Isis was unveiled in Hyde Park, by the Diana Memorial, on Monday and it was an incredible day. I will be at the Halcyon Gallery from Thursday 10th to Saturday 12th if you would like to come along.