Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Gordon's Wine Bar

Gordon's Wine Bar is one of London's hidden gems. It is not one of London's most famous or hectically busy wine bars despite being theoldest wine bar in London. This is probably due to it's unattractive exterior; however, as soon as you go down the stairs through its small pokey entrance you enter a totally bizarre and wonderful building that there is nothing like anywhere else i have ever been. The bar was established in 1890 and still to this day has its original decor, plays no music and serves only wine. It is filled with historical newspaper cuttings and memorabilia that has faded with age.

I found this building so architecturally fascinating and the decor an inspiration. It made me think about how much design has changed in all aspects from the interior to the designs and photography on the old newspaper cuttings displayed on the walls and even the typography used on the signs for thebar and wine bottle labels. It is almost as if you step

back in time when you enter, yet it still has that buzzing atmosphere of a place filled with happy Londoners of all ages enjoying a drink after work. It is located right outside embankment tube station, so if you are ever in the area i would definitely suggest popping in for a drink or even just having a quick look at the interior and memorabilia as it really is something truly unique.

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  1. This place looks pretty cool, I love these sort of rustic pubs that have real depth and character, that have with stood many decades and stayed the same. There's not always a need to change and modernise because if we did there wouldn't be much history or heritage