Thursday, 24 September 2009

Whatever you think, think the Opposite.

"Whatever you think, think the opposite" by Paul Arden is a 'self help book for creative minds seeking inspiration.' It is a simply designed book filled with a vast array of graphic design works that stand out from many things you have seen before because they are so different. The idea behind the book is to inspire designers to create work that is completely original by thinking about alternative ways of portraying the message you are trying to express. It turns everyday ideas on their heads and is an inspiration to anybody who is lost for new ideas because it really does give you something to think about. The author, Paul Arden, used to be the creative director for Saatchi and Saatchi and during this time was responsible for some of Britain's most successful advertising projects; so you know that what the advice given in the book is coming from an expert in graphic design with years of experience. It is an easy read, but even if you just flick through and have a look as some of the work it contains, it is very worthwhile as it really does make you start to think about your work and alternative ways of conveying your ideas that you would not usually think about.

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