Friday, 18 September 2009

Modern Delight

I read an article about this book in the Times Magazine and found it very interesting. It is a book that will be sold at Waterstones to raise money for Dyslexia Action and The London Library. The book is a selection of short stories by some of the UK's best loved authors and entertainers about what it is in life that makes them happy, however big or small. Some examples are a piece titled 'The Last Roast Potato' by Nigel Slater and 'Hillrolling' by Dom Jolly. The book was inspired by the 1949 book by J.B Priestley entitled "Delight". I thought the idea for this book was inspirational as it makes you think outside the box about the small things, that may seem very insignificant to some, but that are very important in the life of others. It made me think about different target audiences in advertising projects and what they are interested in, what makes them happy and what their personal delights are. The book was released this week and if you want something easy to read that will make you smile then this is the perfect book and not only that but its for a good cause as well!

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