Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Miles Aldridge

Miles Aldridge is one of Britain's most famous and most talented fashion photographers. I absolutely love his work and admire his ability to capture an entire environment through his use of photography and choice of models and colour. Everything about his work is exciting and often very provocative, which makes him stand out and allows him to be much more free with his work. He has worked with many famous designers and has done many incredible photos of couture ranges; he has also often combined nudity with fashion to juxtapose the ideas of what is being hidden by the clothes and what statement the clothes make alone. I think the fact that much of his work is so outrageous is what really appeals to me and the way he is able to create a mood that shows the clothes in such different ways in each photograph is unbelievable. When observing his work I think about so much more than just the clothes but how much effort has been put into the image as a whole; I am very interested in settings and placement of objects and models when they are being photographed and think that he is such an expert at this which is why I find his work so inspirational. If you are at all interested in fashion photography, or even just photography then his website is definitely worth taking a look at:

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