Friday, 18 September 2009

Saatchi Gallery

I have always found the Saatchi Gallery an intriguing place to visit as it is always full with the most bizarre and extraordinary collection of work. This visit was no exception. I found the room downstairs particularly fascinating; it was filled with wax figures of O.A.Ps dressed in different outfits (many related to war) sitting in wheelchairs that were being driven around the room. The outfits lead me to believe that these sculptures were of political leaders in years to come as they were adorned with badges and medals of those who would have belonged to those who were once very powerful people. This was fairly terrifying to say the least, as the wax figures looked so real and i was almost expecting them to jump out of their wheelchairs at any moment. This piece is by a chinese artist called Sun Yuan. I found it strange that the Gallery gave very little information about this piece, and instead expected you to come to your own conclusions in what it was about.

The Saatchi Gallery also contained a number of other very interesting works. One piece that I found very interesting was a sculpture made from a collection of spiral staircases joined together. This looked almost like an optical illusion and it reminded me greatly of our design theory work last year due to the shapes and rotational symmetry the object contained. This piece was by Peter Coffin and was entitled "Spiral Staircase".

The work of Eric and Heather ChanSchatz was also something that interested me greatly due to the use of colours and shapes in their work; i would like to look more closely into the work of these artists.
Finally the last work of art that i felt really stood out was the work by Guerra de la Paz. This artist is famous for using ordinary, yet discarded items in their artwork and this piece was no exception to this as the installation entitled "Nine" was made up from a collection of discarded clothes supported by nine bodies (of which only the feet could be seen). This work is meant to show the strength and values of the community and the history behind the characters displayed. Guerra de Paz is said to view his practice as a type of 'archaeology' where he is able to display historical debris.
Overall i found this trip very inspirational as the Saatchi Gallery is always bound to ignite some creative ideas due to the fact that it holds some of the most eye-catching yet truly random works of art in England.

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  1. I saw the old people in wheelchairs too!! strangely fascinating- i think they are supose to resemble world leaders and their wheelchair paths cross to portray the conflict they come across. really weird design though!! Sun Yuan has created some other very disturbing pieces aswel.