Monday, 28 September 2009

'Walking In My Mind'

'Walking In My Mind' is a recent exhibition at the Hayward Gallery. It is a collection of ten international installation artist's works and the idea behind it is that the artists are expressing what is going on in their heads when they are going through the creative processes and how they are thinking and feeling. It unifies process and product which I thought was very relevant for us as students right now because what we are trying to do through this blog is gather and understand all of our creative thoughts and ideas that have inspired us and eventually conclude by developing a physical final project. It made me think about what thoughts and creative processes are going on in my head and how I could express them, what are my weaknesses and strengths? what to I think I will be able to research and develop well as a project? and what am I most interested in? Despite there being ten artists work displayed in this exhibition including; Bo Christian Larsson from Sweden, Dutch Mark Manders, Yayoi Kusama, Keith Tyson (Turner Prize Winner), and the American Jason Rhoades; it was in fact the work of only two artists that particularly interested me because both of their works were so interactive. The first was a piece entitled 'Caveman' by Thomas Hirschhorn and the second was entitled 'Spotted Landscape' by Japanese Chiharu Shiota. Shiota had created a red room filled with white spots, that were reflected in mirrors and that covered large shapes which filled the space. Spots are the artist's signature statement as she uses them to represent her schizophrenia that has inevitably had a major impact on her life. I felt fully involved in her piece especially as it spread to places outside the gallery (including on the room and the trees that lead up to the building). This was her first installation piece to be exhibited in London and I think she has definitely made herself know through her exciting work that caused a hype in the area. In the same way that the giant chess board in Trafalgar square caused a stir i think this did too as it caused people to become intrigued; this is an idea that i will definitely be thinking about using in advertising work in the future.

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  1. I too saw this exhibition and found it completely bizarre but also very interesting the way these artists have shown their thoughts visually. The concept for the exhibition is really intriguing and I agree it is very useful when thinking about showing our own ideas and creative development. I particularly liked how each room was themed differently and that the exhibition extended outside to the tree trunks beside the Thames that were wrapped in red and white polka dot material.