Saturday, 3 October 2009

Moulin Rouge

Another film with a truly inspiring set and incredible costume and makeup design is Moulin Rouge. The 2001 film is an Australian/American/British musical/romantic-drama directed by Baz Luhrmann. The film is about a young English poet who falls in love with the star cabaret actress of the Moulin Rouge in Paris. It is a beautiful story with a tragic ending that is told so perfectly through a variety of songs combined with dance, numerous set changes and an unbelievable array of spectacular costumes. It also contains well thought about topography throughout to help tell the story as if it was being written by the writer who is also narrating. The film includes actors such as Euan McGregor and Nicole Kidman and was nominated for 8 Oscars and won 2 (best art director and best costume design). It was also the first musical to be nominated for best picture in 22 years. I think this film is a masterpiece of design as it is a collaboration of the best of all design sectors and the outcome is something truly amazing that will be a much appreciated and loved film for many years to come. 

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