Thursday, 1 October 2009

Luxury Fashion Branding

I read this book by Uche Okonkwo after visiting Agent Provocateur because I had become very interested in what it was about luxury fashion brands that made people obsess over something as small and realistically insignificant as underwear, or a pair of shoes, or a handbag. This book critically analyses the essential aspects of fashion branding and allows you to understand the business strategy and the mind behind these successful companies. It is all about getting into the mind of the consumer and how humans are psychologically effected by these items. It looks at the way these companies portray their clothes (which are often not different in quality to the clothes in a high street store) to make the buyer feel that they are investing into more than just an item of clothing but into a brand and therefore a way of living. It is a very interesting read if you are interested in branding and is written by a very intelligent writer with an MBA from Brunel University, London and a Phd from ESC Rennes School of Business, France so you can be assured that what you are reading is coming from a woman with a great amount of experience in this sector and a good business orientated mind.

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