Saturday, 3 October 2009


It is no surprise really that Terence Conran would have an incredible website, but after going online recently to try and book dinner at the his restaurant (the bluebird), I was very impressed at just how easy the website was to use; and yet how impressive and sophisticated it still managed to look. is the official website which provides links to all of Conran's different fields, which could potentially make it a very confusing and hectic as the website needs to contain so much information. Yet this website, in true Conran style simplifies everything into neat categories in a perfectly stylish graphic format. The website is true to the nature of Conran and is a representation of the stores, products and restaurants that Conran is trying to promote through it. Sir Terence Conran (born in 1931) is an English designer, restauranteur, retailer and writer who is a great inspiration to all young designers as he is a man who has been upmost successful in his career and it was his mind as a designer and talent for creating a brand that lead to this success. Take a look at his website as it not only is an impressive piece of web design with a sophisticated layout but also allows you to look at the Conran brand as a whole. It allows you to look at the products he sells in his stores, the design of the stores themselves, the restaurant interiors and his writing and design studios. 

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